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Introduction to the Points System

If you want to apply the following category for Australia Immigration then you need to satisfy the point test to be eligible for the Immigration visa. Want to Get Australia PR ? Check Australian immigration points calculator, If you want to apply for Australia Immigration then you need to satisfy the point test to be eligible for the Immigration visa. Our Point Test calculator will help you to check your points. If you want  to apply for Australia Immigration then you need to satisfy the point 
test to be eligible for the Immigration visa. Our Point Test calculator  will help you to check your points.

Department has introduce the following three new visa subclass and point test with the Pass Mark. Applicant need to reach this Pass mark limit as minimum criteria to be eligible for General Skilled Migration.

Visa Category

Pass Mark


Skilled - Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
Skilled - Sponsored Visa (Subclass 190)
State Nomination
Skilled - Regional Sponsored Visa (Subclass 489)
Regional or Relative Nomination

For Migration purpose Points are awarded for Applicants various capability as under.

  • Age
  • English language ability
  • Australian work experience
  • Overseas work experience
  • Recognized qualifications
  • Designated Language
  • Partner Skills
  • State or Territory nomination
  • Designated Area Sponsorship (sponsored by an Australian relative living in a designated area - only available to provisional visa applicants)
  • Regional Study

Check your Points with Aspire square Point Test calculator. This will give you an indication of how successful your application might be.

Afterwards, if you have further questions that you wish to ask an Australian Immigration Agent regarding the points test, please fill out our Free Assessment Form or set up a face-to-face consultation by calling on 079 – 40094410 or 88668 80707

Point Test

18-24 25 points
25-32 30 points
33-39 25 points
40-44 15 points
45-49 0 points
English Language
Competent English - IELTS 6 or below 0 points
Proficient English - IELTS 7 10 points
Superior English - IELTS 8 20 points
Australian work experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation *
No Australian work experience 0 points
One year Australian 5 points
Three years Australian 10 points
Five years Australian 15 points
Eight years Australian 20 points
Overseas work experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation *
No overseas work experience 0 points
Three years overseas 5 points
Five years overseas 10 points
Eight years overseas 15 points
(Australian or recognised overseas)
No recognized qualification 0 points
  • Offshore recognised apprenticeship
  • AQFIII/IV completed in Australia
  • Diploma completed in Australia
10 points
Bachelor degree
(including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters)
15 points
PhD 20 points
Designated language 5 points
Partner skills 5 points
Professional Year 5 points
Sponsorship by state or territory
5 points
Sponsorship by family or state or territory government to regional Australia 10 points
Study in a regional area 5 points
Points Total:
0 points  

* Applicants can be awarded points for overseas and Australianwork experience. However, the maximum number of points thatcan be awarded for a combination of overseas and Australian work experience is 20 points.

** If your partner is included in your application you may be awarded points if he or she is able to satisfy ‘basic requirements’ including age, English language ability,qualifications, nominated occupation, recent skilled work experience or the2 years full-time study requirement; and has obtained a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authorityfor their nominated occupation.

Australia point calculator should be used as a guide only. The calculator gives you an indication of whether you will be eligible for migration under the Skilled Migration Program; it does not guarantee that you will succeed in an application for migration to Australia. There are other criteria that an applicant must meet as well as the points test. Aspire Square does not guarantee that you will eligible for any visa under the General Skilled Categories if you achieve the current pass mark by using this points test calculator.
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